Friday, April 13, 2012

Updates, Updates, Updates

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1. I love my new truck!  It passed the check-up at the mechanic's with flying colors and I've been driving it all around town.  Our only semi-sour moment was at the gas station this afternoon, when $100 didn't even fill it up.  Yikes.

2.  The appraisal went well yesterday!  There are still some paper-pushing road barriers with the state department (who has hired the appraiser), but she is one of the nicest women I've ever met.  Even though she hasn't gotten a guarantee for the paycheck, she's writing up the report this weekend and doing her best to make the numbers work so that I can borrow an additional $30,000 for repairs.

3.  I met the current home owners today!  My brother and I went over the check out the zero-turn mower they had for sale.  One ride around the yard on that powerhouse and I was sold.  Until we get up and running, there is a LOT of grass to mow and I got a pretty good deal on it.  I also got to learn more about the history of the property AND get the peace of mind that all of the buildings are being cleaned out (the enormous dumpster was overflowing!).  Hooray!

4.  The lawyer and the loan officer finally got in touch and made good progress towards preparing for the closing.  I don't know all of the details, but they feel good, so I feel good.

5.  I've chosen an insurance company and have a second appraisal scheduled for Monday morning.  Then they'll also have a week to gather the paperwork and send it over to the loan officer.

6.  I ordered a solar electric fencing system for the farm!  I was stalling because it's a major expense and because I was having trouble assembling a system that fit my various pig/poultry needs for all over the yard, but I'm hoping I made the right choice.  I ordered from Premier 1 (the best company, according to everyone I asked) and I got a shipping notice just a few hours later!

7. K's dog BZ (a wire haired dachshund) has been getting ready for her move to the farm.  After 3 years of average dog-ness, she killed TWO mice this week!  I couldn't be more proud.

8.  My pullets arrived today!  I'm looking forward to visiting them next week, and bringing them home in just two more.  I can't believe I call myself a farmer and yet I now have TWO chicken babysitters.  Farming has never been easier.

9.  The cabbage, onions, and other vegetables I seeded got a little pummeled yesterday in a freak hail storm, but they're bouncing back.  Well, that's being generously optimistic.  They're lanky from the poor lighting in the living room (still haven't picked up the grow lights!), so I've been dragging them in and out for the past couple of days.  Hopefully the warm weather in the forecast will put an end to that!

10.  My official sales and tax use permit came in the mail today!  The final piece of paperwork to indicate that I really am "in business."

I'm making lots and lots of tiny steps towards farm ownership!  It's incredibly exciting how quickly the closing date is approaching.  I'm eager to get really well organized, keep on top of the closing process, and (most importantly) to try and relax and enjoy my last two weeks of freedom.  I still can't believe how well everything is coming together!

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