Monday, April 23, 2012

Chicks and Electricity

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I had one of those days where I planned to get a bunch of (tangible) projects done, right after I made a few phone calls.  Six hours later, I had tied up a bunch of loose ends in office work and hadn't started one of my projects.  That's just the way it goes, I suppose.

Keeping the closing for the farm on track (ONE WEEK!!!) requires constant supervision and constant communication between my loan officer, attorney, real estate agent, and everyone else involved.  I sorted through a massive stack of paperwork today, called everyone at least twice, and did everything I could to make sure we're still on track.  In fact, the current owners signed over power of attorney to their lawyer, packed up their bags, and left a week early to travel the country.  Knowing the house is sitting empty leaves me ITCHING to get started, but I keep reminding myself that I have plenty to do this week in order to get ready.

I ordered 2 batches of meat chicks today from 2 different hatcheries, to be shipped next week and two weeks after.  I was waiting until I was REALLY sure about the closing date before I placed the order, which meant that the hatcheries I normally order from were either sold out or only had pullets (female chicks, which grow a little smaller) left in stock.  I ordered Cornish X - the gross, gigantic frankenstein chickens they sell at the supermarket from Sun Ray Chicks Hatchery in IA and Moyers in PA (where my pullets also were raised).  I don't like the way that they look and that they are prone to leg problems and heart attacks, but it's the chicken people have come to know and love.  They'll be raised outside on pasture on a limited feed schedule, which will help with their mobility and the flavor of the meat.  And they grow quick (6-8 weeks, instead of 10-12 like some of the heritage varieties), which will help with my short time frame.  My CSA caters to families who are newer to the local food movement and I wanted to start out the season with something more familiar.  I plan to experiment with other varieties of meat chicken later in the season and see what the response is like.

I also scheduled to have electricity turned on in the house and tried to set up phone/internet/cable, but still have a few installation questions.  K helped me to finalize the lease agreement and house rules for the tenants.  I placed a wholesale order for herb transplants.  I cancelled my current truck insurance and switched over to the new policy.  I set up an appointment with the electrician so that the chicks would have a heat lamp to keep them warm when they arrive next week. And a million other little things.  My head is full, but so is my heart.  I love how well everything is coming together.

Hopefully TOMORROW I will manage to get a few more farm projects done (feeders and portable roosts are #1 on the list).  Wednesday I have another stack of paperwork to fill out and sign to prepare for the closing.  And the list goes on and on.

One day at a time...