Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Blogging May Take a Backseat for a Bit

In the last 24+ hours of farm ownership I (with the help of my family) managed to:
1. Repair the roof on the barn and the large sliding doors
2. Remove all of the carpeting and tack from the house
3. Plant a dozen christmas trees
4. Seed a bed of carrots and a bed of beets
5. Remove tile and a few pieces of drywall from the house
6. Bleach and scrub half of the rooms in the house
7. Trim overgrown ivy and briars off the house
8. Meet with the tenants and put together a lease agreement
9. Set up appointments with a million different contractors
10. Move several truck loads of supplies out of my parent's house and into my garage

And yet the list keeps growing!  Thank goodness for darkness, otherwise I'd run myself ragged.  And more importantly, thank goodness for my family (K included!) for all of their help because I could never ever do this without them.

I'm busy (very busy), but doing my best to stay organized, relaxed, and appreciative for this opportunity.  I will still be blogging regularly, but most likely it will be on our farm blog (www.fullheartfarm.com) or through the National Young Farmers Coalition (I'm a featured bootstraps blogger for the season!).  Two Blue Boots was started to document my journey to farm ownership, and here we are!  It feels odd to stop writing here all of a sudden, but expect posts to be much less frequent in the coming months.

Thank you all for following a long!  Best of luck on YOUR next adventure!  :-)