Friday, April 27, 2012

Freak Out

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I lost it today.

I had been worried all week about how much the closing costs would be for the farm, and getting frustrated at the lack of communication between me and my lawyer.  She promised to send the statement by Friday (which was the absolute last possible day, because I needed to go to the bank and the closing is Monday morning).  A little after noon I finally got an email.

Please bring a check for $28,000.00 made payable to ________ on Monday.

And then I started to freak out.

But I figured it had to have been a typo, so I pulled open the attached statement and read through it - trying to sort through the three pages of numbers to find some sort of response.  I called the lawyer with no response, and then my real estate agent, and then my loan officer (who was off today).

A near-heart attack and a few grey hairs later, the lawyer FINALLY called back and admitted there was an error.  She had accidentally calculated in the entire loan amount ($250,000 to purchase the property, plus $30,000 for home repairs) and after factoring in the lawyers fees, taxes, and money that I already paid towards closing costs, I would have RECEIVED a check for $28,000.  Not OWED a check.

I was able to get everything straightened out and now I owe $2,352.10 for closing costs, in addition to the $1,000 I put down with the contract (the loan money for repairs stays at the state office until the work on the house has been done and inspected).  It's a lot of money, but nowhere NEAR as much as $28,000.00.  Insert sigh of relief here.

I'm now totally exhausted.  In the end, this wasn't even a setback, but the stress and anxiety was totally overwhelming.

The truck is already loaded for a big day tomorrow - everything I need for my farm planning class, as well as crates and tarps for picking up my piglets and moving them to the farm tomorrow.  I sure hope they cooperate for the two hour drive!

Here we go!


  1. Hey a check that big is good :)

  2. Not good to have to pay! And I knew that receiving a check that large would be too good to be true! I'm happy it's a MUCH smaller check this time around! :-)