Saturday, April 28, 2012


The pigs are all settled into their new home on the farm!

(And, yes, I forgot to take pictures...)

It was a LONG 2.5 hour drive for them, especially considering they already moved once this week.  They were fairly easy to catch (good to know I still have my pig grabbing skills!) and super cooperative while we drove across the state.  I picked up my parents on the way and we unloaded them into the former chicken run for the night.  The fence is sturdy and the ground was covered in a thick layer of straw and weeds (it hasn't been used for years), so I feel pretty good about leaving them there for the night.  They all look healthy and were eating/drinking/rooting around when I left just before dark!  I'm eager to go check on them first thing in the morning.

And, just like that, the first enterprise of Full Heart Farm is set up!  The pigs have food, water, shelter, and a simple rotational grazing plan that should get us through until fall.  I'm sure there will be bumps along the way, but it feels good to finally have a small part of the farm project underway!

I stayed and chatted for a bit with the owners (who are planning to move out tomorrow) and the tenants, who had a bunch of friends over.  Even though I'm a little nervous (scratch that, a LOT nervous) about being a landlord, it was sort of nice to see the farm with a big group of people hanging out.  I'm eager for my tiny farm community to grow.

I feel energized.  EXCITED.  I have a long list of things to do tomorrow, but my day will begin on the farm, feeding the pigs.  Morning chores, no matter how tired and sore I am, always center me.  Even when things don't go well, it's the best way to start the day.

38 hours until I own my own farm!


  1. So are you going to be living there full time, or sharing it with renters or?

  2. I'll be living in the house, and renting out the apartment over the garage. There are a few pictures on the blog from the first time I visited here: