Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Tiniest Egg

COULD IT BE?!?!?!  My little Pokey's first egg?

For those of you who don't know, Pokey is my extra special Golden Buff that arrived as part of a batch of 50 chicks accidentally shipped to my house.  From day 1 she was the smallest of the bunch, always curled up sleeping somewhere.  When she was a few weeks old she seemed to have broken her hip (or badly hurt it) and couldn't walk.  She still can barely hobble around, but she fends for herself and at over 1 year old she's one happy chicken.  Especially when she's perched in my lap.

I just love that little girl.  So when I collected a WEEK's worth of eggs this morning (3 dozen!) and found this tiny gem, I gave her all the credit.  She's been putting on weight lately and getting a little stronger (getting ready for her move to the farm, I think) and even been spending time in the nesting box.  Most likely it's just a fluke egg laid by one of the other hens, but I can dream.

So tiny!

It fit much better in the carton of Mini Cadbury eggs left over from easter.  :-)


  1. How cute, I bet your little lady laid it:) I love the little runts/injured birds, and nurse them back...

    1. :-) I didn't have the heart to eat it for breakfast this morning - it's just so cute! Still no sign of a second tiny egg...