Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Progress Report: Six Months

I've been on a bit of a blog-cation the past week: celebrating birthdays, weddings, and enjoying the spring weather we've been having!  I also needed a break from analyzing and writing about the farm, which has been overwhelming my thoughts.  I can't believe the closing is less than 7 weeks away (hopefully)!

Things I've Accomplished:

1. Farm Tours: Went on two farm marathons and visited several other properties to purchase.
2. Attended a farm marketing course, through Holistic Farm Planning.
3. Attended the CT NOFA Winter Conference.4. BOUGHT A FARM!
5. Received a $300,000 mortgage to purchase the farm through the Farm Service Agency's Beginning Farmers Program.

Things I'm Still Working On:

1. Finalizing my loan application (still waiting on an appraisal and final budget review) and working with my attorney to prepare for the closing.
2. Evaluating home (etc) inspections (all scheduled for Thursday morning).
3. Meeting other Ledyard Farmers.
4. Learning more about registering the farm and establishing it as a business (meeting with a business advisor on Friday).
5. Creating a specific crop/livestock plan for 2012 (finished my CSA vegetable crop plan today!).
6. Developing a logo and website (I hired a graphic designer and am working with Small Farms Central to host the website, which should be up and running in the next few weeks!).
7. Begin drafting orders for seeds/chicks/supplies (just waiting until everything is FOR SURE before I place the orders).
8. Conduct a land survey through NRCS (passed the preliminary environmental assessment last week!).
9. Acquiring estimates for all of the work that needs to be done on the home (already have electrical and roof estimates and have scheduled flooring, countertops, well, and heating system professionals for Thursday morning).
10. Figure out all of the other details of purchasing a farm that I don't know about yet!

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Hope you're enjoying this lovely spring weather!  Wish me luck with the home inspection on Thursday (I'm so so so nervous!)!

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