Thursday, October 13, 2011

Progress Report: One month

It's hard to believe that it's been one month since I left my job and began searching for a farm of my own!

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Things I've Accomplished
1. Settled in at my parents house (I painted my room and a bunch of furniture, unpacked the essentials, and have been settling in nicely to my new daily routine)
2. Visited friends and family (especially CH, JA, JJ, HJH, and MF)
3. Toured potential properties to BUY (Windham Gentleman's Farm, Preston Christmas Tree Farm, Windham Cape Fixer-Upper,Windham Greenhouse/Nursery)
4. Toured potential properties to LEASE (Salem CSA, Stonington Tiny Flower Farm)
5. Applied for jobs (ice cream shop, farmigo, Farmland ConneCTions)
6. Researched nitty-gritties of starting a farm (leasing webinar, community farm workshop, non-profit vs. for profit)
7. Developed a new blog to track my adventures (you're here!)
8. Learn how to Make a video
9. Contact key agricultural leaders for assistance on starting my own farm
10. Enjoyed agriculture in CT (apple picking almost every week!, farm visits, farmers' markets, cheese festival)

Things I'm Still Working On
1. Finding a home for my chickens
2. Finding a job (or two)
3. Meeting more area farmers/taking farm tours
4. Approaching towns/land trusts/institutions about potentially leasing land
5. Putting myself out there and keeping my options open

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