Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Rooster Spa

I'm visiting my chickens today!  I couldn't be happier to get to spend time with all of my girls (and boy) on such a beautiful day.  This morning I did a few chores, including trimming Speckles' spurs.  They aren't incredibly long (I've seen pictures of them growing so long they curl around...similar to the world's longest human fingernail...gag), but the tips get sharp.  This is makes it painful when he occasionally attacks K, but also when he "gets affectionate" with the ladies.

Speckles is more than cooperative, but I wrap him in a towel to keep his wings tucked in and to keep him from hurting himself.  I borrowed my dog's nail clippers which worked like a dream.  Unfortunately, the I nicked the quick, which bled profusely.  I was concerned because I read that a rooster can actually bleed to death from this because of how quickly his blood pumps when he crows.  I was able to stop the bleeding pretty quickly with white flour and minor pressure, and he healed just fine.  Even after it stopped bleeding, he stayed lying on the ground eating scratch from my hand.  He didn't even seem to notice he had been bleeding.  He just LOVES the attention.  A morning at the spa!

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