Friday, October 21, 2011

Farm Tour: Picturesque North Stonington Farm

We found a farm today that could only be described as: "the one."

I know that sounds like a leap, especially after all of the cat-filled, hoarder-obsessed, fixer-uppers that we've been looking at, but this house was just different.  My mom had been eying the property for more than a year, but when I was finally ready to start shopping around, it was removed from the market.  Surprisingly, it went back on the market at the beginning of the week - for sale by owner.

I think it would be easiest to share a list of all of the things that I loved about the property:
1. Location (location, location): 20 minutes from my parents house, 10 minutes the grocery store (ie. civilization) and shopping centers, on a main road but privately set back
2. The property: 11.3 acres of pasture surrounded by state-owned land, conserved for agricultural use, including another 10-15 acres of pasture and a thick forested border that I would be able to farm
3. Adorable house: a brand new cape (1994), clean and in pretty good condition (aside from an ugly wallpapered room and some bad linoleum flooring); small enough to be easy to maintain, but spacious enough to grow into as a family; huge closets; an attached one bedroom "apartment" with a separate entrance, kitchenette, and full bathroom - perfect for guests or an apprentice; and just simple charm.
4. Outbuildings: a three-stall horse barn (nice and large) and a 4-bay equipment shed
5. Fencing: most of the property was already fenced, with plenty of trees for shade
6. A brook...with a bridge. Swoon.

It was just plain beautiful.  A working farm, full of potential.  I know that you're not supposed to imagine yourself living at a house before you sign a contract, but I could help but to see myself living there.

HOWEVER...the downside is that it's really way to expensive ($399).  And it's owned by two family members - one that is not at all interested in selling - so it's unlikely that the price will drop.  Unless I find a really good paying job in the very near future, this is only going to end in heartache.

I know that, and yet I can't help but feel hopeful about this property.

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