Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Farm Tour: Stonington Bungalow

My apologies for the lack of posting the past couple of days!  Monday was a whirlwind of farm tours and events, and yesterday I was unable to login to post.  Oh, well!

On Monday morning I toured a farm on the market right down the street from my parents house.  It was a cute bungalow-style house on 6.7 acres, in a great location in town (and in my "price range", listed at $299).  The property was off a main road, but secluded, a nice mix of lightly wooded forest (perfect for raising pigs) and pasture.

There were several outbuildings on the property, including a large garden shed and a three-stall horse barn.

Even the original homestead is still on the property (though from the looks of it it fell straight from Kansas!).  Not in livable condition, but a very cool piece of history.

The location was great, the property was pretty beautiful, and the house was fine.  It was in pretty good condition (though I do have to ask, is hoarding a new TREND?  My goodness, folks...if the world ends today are you REALLY going to need 400 bottles of expired barbecue sauce?), but I didn't care for the layout.  The entire upstairs was a master suite - complete with a balcony, jacuzzi, and a living room - very luxurious, but not ideal for raising a family.

A very good option, but I'm not sure it's "the one."  That feels like such a sappy thing to say, but I'm just not ready to settle yet.  The search continues!

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