Saturday, October 1, 2011

Farm (and Sea) to Table: The Oyster Club

After a Saturday morning spent doing the usual chores, lunchtime hit and we were feeling awfully fancy.  We decided to head down the hill and visit the newest restaurant in Mystic: The Oyster Club, which just opened this past Wednesday.

I'd been looking forward to the restaurant opening for the past few weeks after documenting the renovations from a garden shop turned french fry bar turned beautifully designed restaurant.  It's a landmark on my daily walk through town.  I fell instantly in love with the philosophy and "Farm and Sea to Table," a commitment to feature locally grown, seasonally harvested produce, meats, and seafood.

And I continued to fall in love the moment I stepped in the door.  The restaurant was pretty much empty (they're still working on spreading the word), but we were greeted by several friendly staff members wearing matching plaid shirts and jeans who seemed genuinely excited to have guests.  They happily held the door open for us while we entered the dining room and marveled at the rustic wood walls and exposed beam ceilings - reminiscent of a beautiful barn.  The tables were also made of beautiful wood and set simply with small vases of locally grown flowers.

The menu was short (featuring only one soup, one salad, one pasta, one burger, a lobster roll, and a few desserts), but everything sounded delicious and was prepared with locally sourced ingredients from some of the lesser-known, smaller farms in the area (something I very much appreciated).  I ordered the burger, which came on a sesame brioche roll with heirloom tomato, mesclun greens, sweet pickles, and jalapeno aioli, with a side of perfectly cooked fries.  Everything was perfectly seasoned,  artfully presented, and entirely enjoyed.

The Oyster Club was definitely a hit with my family!  We can hardly wait to return for dinner and taste even more of the local fare!

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