Friday, October 28, 2011

Urban Farm Planning Webinar

I spotted this adorable Bantam hen (only the size of my hand) sitting on a nest of 5 brand new chicks this afternoon when I made a trip to Terra Firma Farm in Stonington for eggs and sausage.  So tiny!

I participated in a webinar today at lunch for Urban Farm Planning.  I'm still so impressed with the technology available to take an hour-long class during lunch.  I've always loved school, and the formality of scheduling time to learn and think specifically about farm planning is just the structure I need.  I work on farm planning each day, but not without distraction, so progress is slow.  Slower than I'd like, anyway.

The course offered no new information, but a simple overview of the Marketing, Operating, and Financing research that needs to go into writing a farm business plan.  They spoke specifically about Urban Farms - farms built on abandoned lots in cities to provide fresh food for those in need.  It takes care to bring in soil and compost to start an urban farm (as well as to be sure there are no toxic substances in the lot) and to plant intensively so that a lot of food can be grown in a small space.  It's a great way to bring fresh food to the city, where there often aren't even grocery stores to provide the basic food needs.

I finished the course feeling excited to tackle my own business plan, especially because I have a meeting with a farm service agency loan provider on Tuesday and want to start off on the best foot possible.  I know that getting my ideas down on paper (even if I know they will change) is an important step - not only in clarifying my goals but in securing investors and support.  But I keep getting bogged down in the specifics.  And then I get stressed because of my lack of progress.  Apparently I'm more of a procrastinator than I thought.

Well, that blog post was a good 15 minutes of procrastination!  I think I'll stretch, make a cup of tea, and get back to work!  Well, just until I have to start making dinner...

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