Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Happy 2nd Birthday!

Happy Two Years to some of my favorite members of the flock!

Princess Ballerina (my ever-so-special little girl who can only see out of one eye)

Saphera (the grumpiest, most miserable chicken that made me a grandmother last summer when she hatched her own chick!)

Maypearl (always curious and always so happy to see me)

Marla (biggest thunder-thighs in the flock/best baywatch-style run)

Dottie Girl (independent to the core - always escaping and getting into trouble)

Speckles (my buddy - the best at snuggling and the source of dozens of scars on my legs)

Hard to believe this picture was taken two years ago!  Here's to ALL of the adventures the next two years will bring!

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