Wednesday, March 21, 2012


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Okay, okay...I'm (slightly) lame.

But a HOORAY is in order because the current owners agreed to pay for the radon mitigation!  I submitted the request today and they called right back - a few hours later there was a radon expert at the house taking measurements and getting things done.

It sounds a little overly-magical, but it totally renewed my faith in mankind.  Ever since I got burned with the last farm, I've been worried the same thing would happen with this property.  But there are good people in the world.  And people who do the right thing.  It feels good to negotiate.

And with that, I'm one big step closer to getting the farm!  The water test came back today too - the water is drinkable, but has a lot of iron and some sediment.  A filter will take care of that.  The septic inspection report came  in the mail today as well - all clear.  Just waiting on the radon in the water test.

I also took care of a lot of little business with the loan office today.  I still have some paperwork to gather and send over (I need some second estimates on some of the house work), and I'm still waiting to set a date for the appraisal, but I'm in good shape.  Pulling together all of the puzzle pieces.

I'll take a day full of good people and good news whenever I can manage!  :-D

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