Thursday, March 1, 2012

Sick to my Stomach

I've been sick to my stomach all morning waiting for a call from the real estate agent.  I buried myself in a novel to help my mind to stop thinking.

My agent called back with a VERY disappointing counter offer around 2PM.  The sellers stated that the property is worth at least $287,000, and they think only $10,000 in repairs need to be done (stating my list of $50,000 was mostly cosmetic).  They countered with $277,000.

It's just terribly unrealistic of them to think that the property is worth that much, or that the repairs would be so minimal.  Or that anyone else could tolerate living in their level of grime.

I countered with $237,000 as my best and final offer.  The difference in numbers was too great to bother going back and forth over little increments.  And with the level of work that needs to be done, that really is the most I would be willing to pay and still trust that it would appraise below that price.

My real estate agent doesn't think they'll accept it, and I guess I'm not feeling too optimistic.  But I REALLY need this to work, so I'm holding out for a glimmer of hope.

Please please please please please please please....

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