Saturday, March 3, 2012

Thank You

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The contract is signed for the Ledyard farm.  I spent a good chunk of yesterday in negotiations over what would happen if there were major problems found during the home inspection, and after three trips back and forth to the real estate office everything signed and agreed on.  I'm not thrilled with how it went, but that's life.  I can't give up on this property over tiny details. (Speaking of tiny details, I spent most of the afternoon at Home Depot, getting price quotes and learning about all sorts of DIY home restoration!  Get ready!)

Today I spent the entire day at the CT NOFA Winter Conference.  I'll admit, it's not my favorite conference of the winter, but it draws a slew of people interested in local food and offers quite the diversity of workshops.  I attended one on Marketing through a Website, another on Soil Fertility Management, and a third on CSA Planning.  I got to see a ton of people that I haven't seen in a while, so all in all it was a wonderful day.

Going to the conference was especially good because I have a tendency to not want to go anywhere when I don't have good news to share.  It's not something that I like about myself; I just don't like to talk about things until I have a plan in my own head.  Lately, I've been feeling like the Girl Who Cried, "I Bought a Farm."  Three farm properties in less than 6 months is a lot to explain and a lot to keep up with.  I know it's not my fault that things often just don't work out, but I still feel responsible.

So, thank you for all of your support.  For following along on this crazier-than-I-expected adventure and supporting me when the goings get tough.  I know I ramble, but it's still really nice to know there are other people out there that care.

I REALLY hope the Ledyard Farm becomes my home.

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