Monday, November 14, 2011

Progress Report: Two Months

photo by yes and amen photography
I can't believe it's already mid-November!  We're halfway through my favorite month of the year, and the holidays are just around the corner.  Overall, I've had a very enjoyable and productive past month working towards having a farm of my own.

Things I've Accomplished

1.  Continued to visit local farms: Old Friends Farm, Hunt's Brook Farm, Footsteps Farm, Ocean Breeze Farm, Firefly Farm, Scantic Valley Farm, Hurricane Farm, White Gate Farm, Yale Farm
2. Continued to tour potential properties to BUY: Stonington Bungalow, Picturesque North Stonington Farm (x2)
3. Continued to tour potential properties to LEASE: FRESH Farm
4. Began the Beginning Women Farmers Program (first two classes)
5. Worked with the New CT Farmers Association on winter plans
6. Continued to apply for Jobs: UPS, Precious Memories, Stoneridge, Mystic Seaport
7. Met with Loan Providers
8. Attended a farm financing workshop
9. Named our future farm
10. Began the loan application and business plan for Full Heart Farm!

Things I'm Still Working On
1. Finding a home for my chickens
2. Finding a job
3. Meeting more area farmers/taking farm tours

4. Completing the Full Heart Farm business plan and loan application
5. Trying to keep my options open (despite committing myself to pursuing Full Heart Farm)


  1. Saw your blog mentioned on the irresistible fleet of bicycles and I'm loving it! You have a new subscriber :) Many many good wishes on starting your farm - I hope to as well.