Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Back-up Plan

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I emailed my real estate agent yesterday to make an appointment to draft a contract for the North Stonington Farm. The thoughts of whether or not my offer will be accepted are consuming too much of my energy.  I'm ready to know if the farm will actually be mine come spring (pending all of the other details fall into place, of course).  I'll be putting in an offer that I feel comfortable I can afford (regardless of the asking price), ignoring any phone calls from the homeowner trying to "teach" me about real estate, and keeping my fingers crossed.  I even saved the wishbone for Thanksgiving, just in case I need an extra jolt of good luck.

Waiting will be the hardest part.

I'm really trying to work on my patience and my worrying.  Much easier said than done.

Part of that work involves developing a back-up plan.  I have several already (of course) but none of them really compare to having a farm of my own, they are just temporary living/working/learning situations for the next year or two.  So I started looking at property again.  The good thing about real estate is that it's always fluctuating and I actually found another potential property in Salem, about 30 minutes from my parents.  The location isn't ideal and the house is TINY (but cute), but the 43 acre property has a lot of potential.  And the owner is desperate to sell, so it could be very affordable.  I hope to tour it next weekend.

To help take my mind off of things today, I began working on all of my Christmas craft projects.  Even though I now have a job, I've been without pay for a couple of months.  Actually, my finances are always pretty tight, because I save every penny I can towards going to a farm of my own.  Plus I feel like homemade gifts carry an extra care of thoughtfulness.  And I love being able to create beautiful things.  It's been a very relaxing way to spend a Sunday.


  1. You are doing all the right things!

  2. I sure hope so, edgwickfarm! Thanks for your support!