Friday, November 11, 2011

Holistic Goals

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Everyone has different advice as to where to I should begin with writing my farm business plan. Some suggest a mission statement, others suggest researching markets and finances, and others have just advised me to write down all of my thoughts and to reorganize them into some sort of business plan format.

It's all wonderful advice, but I've still felt stuck all week. I KNOW that I just need to get started, but unfortunately that just seems easier said than done.

So I have taken the advice of my advisors of the Beginning Women Farmers Program and decided to begin with my Holistic Goals. These statements reflect the quality of life that I want to lead (beyond just the business aspect) and therefore become the reference point when I'm making important decisions. They seem simple, but it took several small pockets of time working with K to develop this list, and I'm sure that it's still incomplete.

Here is the initial list:

1. We value time with our family and time with friends.
-       balanced life
-       clear set of priorities

2. We value good food.

3. We value laughter and fun.

4. We value free time.
-       creative thinking + individual projects
-       learning
-       vacation
-       time off the farm and in the community

5. We value healthy minds + bodies + souls.
-       time for sleep
-       time for laughter
-       time to enjoy the farm

6. We value building a healthy future.
-       planning for marriage, children, and retirement
-       sustainable land management (for ourselves and the environment)
-    care for our plants and animals

7. We value financial security and a viable, profitable farm.
-       create profit
-       practice good financial planning and management

8. We value clear communication.
-       cooperative decision making
-       listening + understanding

9. We value community outreach.
-       education
-       community support + interaction

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