Thursday, November 10, 2011

Building a Future with Farmers

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The National Young Farmers Coalition recently published THIS report on the current needs of young farmers in the US, based on a survey of over 1,000 farmers (including me!). The report findings include:

~ 78% of farmers ranked “lack of capital” as a top challenge for beginners, with another 40% ranking “access to credit” as the biggest challenge.
~ 68% of farmers ranked land access as the biggest challenge faced by beginners.
~ 70% of farmers under 30 rented land, as compared to 37% of farmers over 30.
~ 74% of farmers ranked apprenticeships as among the most valuable programs for beginners.
~ 55% of farmers ranked local partnerships as one of the most valuable programs, and 49% ranked Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) as a top program.

The report also suggested detailed strategy for improving the number of young farmers and the likelihood for success. The report represents the efforts of a hardworking team of young farmers and will be an invaluable resource as we move into the future.  A great resource!

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