Thursday, January 19, 2012

It's all good...

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Everything in the farm purchasing world is good.  The current owners accepted the letter (albeit a little later than expected) and just asked to be updated on the loan process as it develops.  My real estate is handling all of the details associated with the house and my loan officer is handling all of the details associated with the farm business.  I've gathered a really trustworthy team of people to guide me through this process, and that's really all I can do is trust.  And be patient.  Everything will come together.

I finally took time tonight to tell most of my friends and people that have helped guide me through this process.  I didn't want to share prematurely (especially because things didn't work out so well the first time I gave it a try), but let me say, it feels REALLY good to have people feel happy with you.  I've got quite the community of people supporting me and that's a pretty powerful thing.  I need to be better about reminding myself of that power at times of worry.

I've got this.  I've got everything and everyone I need to make this dream come together.

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