Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Chugging Along

image from e-tells-tales.com

The home inspection is scheduled for this Saturday, the same day I'm supposed to hear back from the loan officers with an update on my application.  I'm a little nervous about both (especially spending so much money on a home inspection without knowing more about the loan application), but I'm sure that everything will work out well.  Plus, I'm REALLY excited to see the house again.  I catch myself daydreaming about it all the time lately and seeing it again will help me remember all the details.

Meanwhile, I'm still working on my budget.  It seems like every time I blink I think of something else I'll need to buy to keep my life on a new farm running smoothly!  I'm also working on a crop plan and trying to compile a seed order, but I'll be totally honest: every time I open the seed catalogs I just get lost reading the descriptions and dreaming about a garden.  I'll get down to business soon enough.  But for now I'm just concentrating on imagining it all.  That's what a dream farm is all about, right?

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