Saturday, January 28, 2012

Home Inspection

image via pinterest

Just got home from inspecting my future home.  The inspector I hired was great - he spent over three hours with me pointing out LOTS and LOTS of problems that I wouldn't have noticed on my own.  Nothing major, but lots of minor projects (some more costly than others) and lots of cosmetic details that need to be fixed.  Tomorrow I'll get a full report, which I'll be able to match up with notes that my parents made (once again, so helpful to have a team help with the details!).  It's overwhelming, but it'll be good to make a list of everything that needs to be repaired and what the timeline looks like.  If I decide to renegotiate with the current owners to help cover the cost, I'll need to do it within 7 days. Busy busy busy.

Tomorrow I'll post a couple photos of the house (yay!) and maybe a glimpse of my crop plan (if I can get it organized enough in between developing a project repairs list).  But for now - goodnight!

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