Friday, January 13, 2012

I bought a farm today!

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It's still sort of difficult to believe.  I bought a farm today.

I got a phone call from my real estate agent around 11:00, while I was busy making lunch for 150 preschoolers.  I made a trip to the dumpster to listen to the message (no cell phones allowed) and text K: We got the farm!

The current owners accepted my offer of $312,000, with the stipulation that I have the contract and the deposit in before 2:00PM (they were leaving for New Hampshire for the weekend to purchase a farm of their own).  I quickly fed all of the kids and took a 30 minute break - just enough time to run to the bank for a money order and dash to the real estate agent's office to sign the new draft of the contract.

My agent wasn't in, but had left the contract at the front desk. With a quick signature, I bought a farm.  The office staff wasn't very impressed and it was sort of a non-event.  I rushed back to work and then to a meeting afterward, keeping my secret excitement.

I don't think it'll feel real until I have the keys in my hand.  Or at least until the mortgage is improved and the home is inspected.  I have a meeting with the loan officer on Wednesday afternoon and a lot of work to do before then to make sure I'm confident with my business proposal and application.  I feel good about it, but it's another hurdle.  Just one of many, I'm sure.

Four months ago today, I quit my job to pursue this crazy dream, and today I made one more very large step towards making it come true.  I've impressed myself, and feel stronger because of it.  I'll get through the other hurdles and make this work.  On May 1st, I'll move into my first home onto my first farm.

I bought a farm today! :-D

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  1. WHOOOHOOOO!!!! I am SO excited for you!!!! :D :D :D