Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Coldest Chicken

My poor chicken Neckie chose the coldest week of the year to molt!  Her "toupe" is all pin feathers (new feathers coming in) and she's missing most of her down feathers as well.  I thought being a turken in single digit temperatures was bad enough, but this poor chicken must be freezing!

Thankfully, her fluffy sisters keep her warm at night and the forecast looks a little warmer.  Most of the girls have started laying again because of the longer days, and Neckie is keeping up with the rest of the flock (which means her chapped skin and lack of feathers is a bigger concern to me than it is to her!)

I fried up three of the eggs this morning: Neckie's is the BRIGHT orange egg in the top left of the pan (and it had the loveliest pink shell).

On top of homefries and pork sausage (from our fall pigs) it was the perfect January breakfast.  And the perfect example of why I'm so excited to have a farm of my own.  Nothing is more satisfying than sitting down to a meal made entirely of food fresh from the farm.

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