Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Unhappy Campers

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The current farm owners were NOT happy to arrive home this afternoon.  Apparently the septic company which I hired to do the inspection (against the suggestion of the current owners) did a crappy job filling in the hole.  Oh, and there was an entire survey crew in their driveway that arrived without notice.  We're all assuming that the Farm Service Agency ordered the land surveyed as part of the loan application, but they didn't notify anyone.  Their real estate agent was able to calm them down (I would have been pretty upset, too!), but it's never good when people get upset under stressful circumstances.

Did I mention that I also had the list of mandated home repairs sent over this afternoon?  There's no time like the present, right?

I'm hoping it goes over well.  And that the loan application can be completed in the next couple of days without any more snags.  It's probably a combination of working with 150 disease-ridden preschoolers everyday and the stress of purchasing a farm, but I've been sick every day since the new year and would love enough peace of mind to get a full night's sleep.  At least once before I buy a farm and I'm up every night worrying about something new!

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