Friday, February 3, 2012

Loan Application: Complete!

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I received TWO letters in the mail today from the loan office: one stating that I am eligible to receive funding through the Farm Service Agency Beginning Farmers Loan program, the second stating that my application is complete!  I spoke with my loan officer this afternoon and she just has a few more things to adjust before the mortgage gets sent out for review.  After that, it's just a lot of waiting!

I also heard from the current owners today, that they would like to move the closing up a month.  It's not possible until I hear back on the mortgage (really NOTHING is possible until I get a mortgage!), but it's sort of exciting to know that if the funding comes through, I could move into the house even earlier than planned.  But I'd just be happy to move in on time, before the growing season gets under way!

This weekend I will be buried in planning - finishing the CSA plan, crop outline/maps, and seed order.  It involves lots of hot beverages, comfy clothes, and color coordinated office supplies.  (And maybe even some thoughts of planning a wedding!).  I couldn't be more excited!

This is all really happening...

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