Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Things I Miss Most

I made this list today while I was sitting in the lawn with my dog, enjoying the peace and quiet of a Tuesday morning.  It's not meant to be a list of longing - just a recognition of some of the things that I love most about living and working on a farm.

1. Chores in my pajamas before a farm-fresh breakfast (bacon, eggs, and fresh fruit).
2. Snacking on produce in the garden between projects.
3. Watching Chicken TV after work.
4.  NEEDING a shower at the end of the day.
5. Accomplishing tasks I wasn't sure I was capable of.
6. Having a reason to religiously check the weather and watch the radar.
7. Teamwork.
8. Funny chicken stories (or soap opera drama) every time I step out of the house.
9. Multi-tasking and constantly thinking of ways to do things faster and more efficiently.
10. Constantly learning new things about the world around me.

Longing is like the seed / That wrestles in the ground - Emily Dickinson

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