Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Falling in Love

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I drove by a farm today that I heard from a friend is looking for a new farmer to take over.  I have no information beyond that, really (why the farmers' are leaving, what the arrangement is, how much it would cost to lease) but a potential farm is enough to occupy all of my thoughts.  I'm so excited for an opportunity. A real, potential farm.

I spent too much time researching the farm's website and looking at satellite images of the property - learning as much as I can without really learning any of the important details.  Today I drove by the property (stalking, as my father would say), and instantly fell in love.  A beautiful farmhouse, enormous barn, milking parlor, greenhouse, orchard, and thirty acres of fenced pasture in an ideal location. It was perfect.  My heart swells .

I think tonight I will just enjoy this time of pure love.  The love of a concept, of a dream.  I know this feeling will quickly dissipate when the realities and challenge and worry all set it.  I'm hoping to get more information on Friday and am expecting that this opportunity will be too good to be true.  This adventure will not be an easy one.  Of that I am sure.  But today I caught a glimpse of my dream farm and tonight I will rest with a full heart.

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