Wednesday, September 14, 2011


This morning I woke up in my parents house.  The past few days were a whirlwind of packing, wrapping up work at the farm, saying goodbye, and shoving all of my belongings into my station wagon.  Moving is never quite as easy as I remember it, but it feels good to once again be settling in.

I was instantly struck with a wave of opportunity.  First, with the realization that I had ample time to do anything I wanted to.  Work was no longer an excuse for not being able to accomplish the things that I hoped to.  This excitement was quickly followed by the fact that all of the things that I hope to accomplish while I am here (finding land, developing a business plan, and ultimately starting my own farm) were a little more daunting than my normal pre-breakfast routine: feed the chickens.

The chickens who I miss immensely.  I didn't realize what a central part of my day they are.  Morning feedings, post-breakfast treats, hanging out in the lawn at lunchtime, watching "chicken tv" while we eat dinner, making sure everyone is tucked in bed at night.  So many of my stories are based on their soap-opera-esque lifestyles.

Instead of sinking into nostalgia, I focused on starting new projects and taking time to do things I enjoy.  Starting with, well, farming.  My mom and I ate breakfast and headed off to pick our own apples at a nearby orchard.  The weather was gorgeous and NOTHING beats the taste of fresh picked fruit.

It's amazing how quickly we picked 20 pounds of apples, pears, nectarines, and peaches.  All while dreaming of pies, snacks, and preserving for winter.

On the way home we drove by a bunch of houses/farms that are on the market.  The shear number of properties is overwhelming, but it was nice to discuss (and articulate) what I was looking for, and what I wasn't.  Seeing real-life potential opportunities made my new adventure feel so real.

While we were on a roll picking things, we headed to the paint store to pick out a new color for my room.  I picked out a lovely shade of grey (after much deliberation) and already put on the first coat!  Nesting.  Photos to come as the unpacking begins...

All in all, my first day unemployed was wonderfully productive.  Fingers crossed I can keep it up!

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